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The nappe thrusting is possibly connected with the final stacking of the Wippra Metamorphic Zone.n the Upper Harz Mountains the ages of overprinting indicate a slightly later passing of thevariscan orogenic wave at about 310 Ma in the Westphalian.For this purpose two profiles from the Saxonian Granulite Massif to the upper Harz Mountains and the block of Flechtingen-Rosslau were investigated, respectivly.Essential data for the metamorphic evolution in the border area of the Rhenohercynian - Saxothuringian were ascertained by means of K1Ar-age determinations on white micas in fine mineral fractions of very low to low grade metamorphic, pre- to synorogenic sediments.Recent research suggests the provenance could be the Old Red continent.

Göttingen, 75 Dirk Marheine Zeitmarken im Kollisionsbereich des Rhenoherzynikums - Saxothuringikums zwischen Harz und Sächsischem Granulitmassiv - Ergebnisse von KAr-Atersbestimmungen Als Dissertation eingereicht am bei den Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen der Georg-August-Universität Fakultäten erscheinen in unregelmäßiger Folge im Selbstverlag der Geologischen nstitute der Georg-August-Universität Gättingen: nstitut und Museum für Geologie und Paläontologie nstitut für Geologie und Dynamik der Lithosphäre are issued irregularily by the Geological nstitutes (until 1985: Geol.-Paläont.

This confirms the exceptional facies position of the Acker-Bruchberg zone during the Lower Carboniferous.

The dating of mica cooling ages from crystalline complexes yield: - for the crystalline complexes belonging to the Mid-German Crystalline Rise (Kyffhäuser, Dessau, Hohnsdorf, Prettin) mica cooling ages from Ma.

Kl Ar dating of some crystalline complexes were carried out in order to discriminate these units as potential source areas.

The tectonometarnorphic evolution in the investigated area spans aperiod of time from 350 Ma to about 310 Ma. Bataillon, F Montpellier SUMMARY The border between the Rhenohercynian and Saxothuringian in the Mid-European Variscides is considered to be a former micropiate boundary.

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