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Sift Heads 5 may be the ultimate in down and dirty stick figure based homicide.

This game is a story based action shooter about an assassin’s progress through the slums of stick figure Chicago where you will lead him through a journey of murder, revenge, drug dealing and dirty stick figure sex.

Brainstorm the ultimate scheme to bust your way outta jail and watch as this point and click puzzle adventure unfolds with one of 3 different escape endings and a whole lot of death scenes! This game has a totally new take on the TTA series and scores you on style rather than body count. You're an ice cold hit man assassin caught up in a world of head shots, dead beats and back stabbers.

Of course, they must know that a desperate stick man like you would use all of your anti-gravity suits, laser guns, and cannons to break into this museum ... Choose your character, learn your combo's, charge up your special attacks and unleash yourself in an arena against other sticks. A long time coming, Thing-Thing Arena 3 is finally here!

Hold your ground against stick samurai, helicopters, grenade launchers, giants and kamikaze ninjas!

Henry Stickman has a never ending inventory of lasers, acid, blasters and keys bu...

This combat stick tournament is only for the best of the best to bring their holy ancient weapons and their reliable guns and sword for a savage, bloody beat down to rival even the greatest fights ... Its you and an arsenal of Bows, Arrows, Rocket Launchers, Katana's, Flame Throwers, Machine Guns and more against an army of stick men with the same mission as you; Kill or be...

This may be the first game where a stick figure reveals DD size cleavage, just one more reason not to miss this one.

Drive your GT 500 around to collect missions, execute the unworthy, get paid for doing it and buy more weapons to keep the cycle going.

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