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We want the hiscores to reflect the full range of content that Rune Scape has to offer, and hope that they will be a big draw to the full, members' game for those interested in high-level Rune Scape competition on a level playing field.In their comprehensive effort to keep the Rune Scape Highscores "fresh", Jagex also (possibly accidentally) removed all stat data for F2P accounts from the Light Highscores Feed, which is used by fansites like Rune Track to track players' stats.Seeing as this update affects so many Rune Track users (and all F2P fansite users for that matter - F2P stat signatures from any site will no longer update themselves), I imagine you may want to voice your feelings about this update.However, whether you're for, against, or indifferent toward Jagex's removal of F2P accounts from the regular Rune Scape Highscores - I think we can all at least agree on something much more sensible and a lot less controversial: Jagex should keep F2P stat data on the Rune Scape "Light" Highscores Feed for fansite use.One of those changes was the removal of all Free-to-play accounts from the Rune Scape highscores.Jagex's reasoning for this was summarized at the bottom of last week's Rune Scape news post detailing the upcoming changes: In Other News...- Along with the release of the new website, we will be making hi-scores a members-only feature.This is for a number of reasons, but the main one is to keep them fresh.

Simply click the "Save Account" button directly next to the message and your account will be taken off the inactivity list and saved from removal.

As a result of the removal of all F2P data from the Rune Scape Highscores, 5,814 Rune Track accounts (all of the F2P accounts) were moved to an inactive state on Rune Track.

However, note that these F2P accounts will remain in an inactive state on Rune Track for now, instead of being completely removed, to retain their historical value.

Since these accounts were no longer accessible from the Rune Scape Highscores, Rune Track has been unable to track them, and thus they have remained dormant for months.

I've made an effort to retain all data for these accounts up until now because I was hoping that Jagex would provide a way for fansites to continue tracking F2P accounts.

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