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By contrast, the Hindu political traditions of Kerala are rooted in the social reformist movements of the early 20th century that aimed to transform Hindu society from within.

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developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.

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An example of running httprint is shown below: Nmap version detection offers a lot of advanced features that can help in determining services that are running on a given host, it obtains all data by connecting to open ports and interrogating them by using probes that the specific services understand, the following example shows how Nmap connected to port 80 in order to fingerprint the service and its current version localhost$ nmap -s V Starting Nmap 6.40 ( at 2013-09-21 GST Nmap scan report for ( Host is up (0.028s latency).

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Graham Crowley (Andrew Faulds), a sculptor, is called in to reconstruct the man's features, and a photograph is taken and circulated.