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Cracked’s Alli Reed set up ‘the worst online dating profile ever’ and still received heaps of messages from men who wanted only to hook up with the terrible woman she had created.

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With this Website, I can do it just within one week only ".2When we first launched "The Facebook" is limited only among the Harvard campus. Within one month of its users already covers more than half the number of students at Harvard at that time.

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This is how to get buggered up the ass live on television in front of a world wife audience, and still look like butter don't melt. Some of the girls I get you do it for money, many do it because they enjoy and are addicted to sex.

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Kate Millett sums up the word's uniquely despised status: "Somehow every indignity the female suffers ultimately comes to be symbolized in a sexuality that is held to be her responsibility, her shame [...] It can be summarized in one four-letter word. Our self-contempt originates in this: in knowing we are cunt" (1973).

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In fact, Brad Pitt just walked past wearing a hula hoop and a licking a Cornetto and you didn’t even notice because you were looking at pictures of people you’ve never met, and most likely, NEVER WILL MEET on your phone.