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Denis with his two companions were seized and as they persevered in their faith were beheaded (about 275) after many tortures.

Later accounts give a detailed description of the confessors' sufferings.

On the island in the Seine Denis built a church and provided for a regular solemnization of the Divine service.

His fearless and indefatigable preaching of the Gospel led to countless conversions.

They were scourged, imprisoned, racked, thrown to wild beasts, burnt at the stake, and finally beheaded. The bodies of the three holy martyrs received an honourable burial through the efforts of a pious matron named Catulla and a small shrine was erected over their graves.

Gregory of Tours simply states: "Beatus Dionysius Parisiorum episcopus diversis pro Christi nomine adfectus poenis praesentem vitam gladio immente finivit" (Hist. This was later on replaced by a beautiful basilica (egregium templum) which Venantius celebrated in verse (Carm. From the reign of King Dagobert (622-638) the church and the Benedictine monastery attached to it were more and more beautifully adorned; the veneration of St.

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That, however, while still very young he was distinguished for hisvirtuous life, knowledge of sacred things, and firm faith, is proved by the fact that Pope Fabian (236-250) sent him with some other missionary bishops to Gaul on a difficult mission.

This aroused the envy, anger and hatred of the heathen priests.

They incited the populace against the strangers and importuned the governor Fescenninus Sisinnius to put a stop by force to the new teaching.

Hilduin was probably deceived by the same apocryphal Latin and Greek fictions.

The possession of the Areopagitic writings (since 827 in Saint-Denis) strengthened his conviction of this truth.

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