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Wifi aanwezig en goed werkend, belangrijk voor meereizende kinderen.

Hamlet asks Hägar if he can tell people they're Norwegian.

It first appeared in February 1973, and was an immediate success.

"Hagar the Terrible" was the nickname given to the late Dik Browne by his sons; Browne adapted the name to Hägar the Horrible for the purposes of alliteration. Sacks notes the juxtaposition of contrary qualities that make Hägar endearing to the reader: "Hägar's horned helmet, rough beard and shaggy tunic make him look somewhat like a caveman or Opera-Viking, but you also know Hägar has a soft underbelly occasionally exposed." The strip is set in the Middle Ages in an unnamed coastal village somewhere in Norway.

Ruim, gezellig ingericht en zeer schoon appartement met een fijn binnenplaatsje om lekker buiten te kunnen zitten.

(Aanwezige schilderijen zijn van de hand van de hostess.) Keuken goed uitgerust voor het bereiden van ontbijt, lunch of diner.

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Supporting characters include his overbearing, nagging and occasionally jealous wife, Helga; their brilliant and sensitive son, Hamlet; their pretty but domestically hopeless daughter, Honi; Helga's pet duck, Kvack; Hägar's loyal and clever dog, Snert, and other secondary, recurring characters.

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