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Guesting on the album are VALIENT HIMSELF (VALIENT THORR) and LORENZO WOODROSE (BABY WOODROSE), who contributed a 2-minute double fuzz-wah-space echo solo to the closer track 'Canada'.

The album is packed with solid bass heavy riffs that will cater for fans of FU MANCHU, BRANT BJORK, NEBULA, THE SWORD, MUDHONEY etc...

Every song has a unique quality and the LP will linger long in your mind after the turntable has stopped spinning.

Limited 300 copies 180 gram black vinyl version housed in high quality gatefold cover with black polylined innersleeves. Back in 2010 'Krautrock from Hell' was released on CD by Sulatron Records and enjoyed great popularity.

'Lady Lake' is the second album by British progressive rock band Gnidrolog led by twin brothers Stewart and Colin Goldring.

'Lady Lake' was originally released in 1972 while the group was often compared to Gentle Giant and Van der Graaf Generator with a folk influenced jazz sound.

So there is a new tenant in the Jean-Claude Vannier residence. Fuzz guitars, wild farfisa, bass lines mixed well ahead in the Burgalat tradition, flutes playing, horse cavalcades on Miguel El Salam, 'Rhapsode' is such a huge indoor Western shot by the ORTF ( 64's to 74's French Broadcasting Authority TV) that sometimes we expect to see Jean-Christophe Averty spring out from an enclosure, holding both a camera and a joint. The name Forever Pavot was not born of an apology of drugs: "It started as a joke.

Every song has a unique quality and the LP will linger long in your mind after the turntable has stopped spinning. This Scottish band release their first ever vinyl record, recorded at home on vintage equipment with a distinct 1960s sound and feel.He composes arranged pieces (Electric Mami) that give the impression of hearing 'Strawberry Fields Forever' sung by Zombies.After an initial 45 rpm, 'Christophe Columb', which he produced in the spring of 2013, and which was"distributed free with chocolates" and then repressed by Frantic City, the story of Forever Pavot begins to take shape around a new group.Remastered with new artwork and the bonus song will be 'Living In Your Head' from the sold out RSD 7"!One thing is clear, it is impossible to overhear the Black Sabbath influence.

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