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Since many plants and animals have large habitats, this can be very useful in helping to date sediment layers of interest.

Fossils are any preserved remains or traces of an organism that previously lived.

Unlike absolute dating, relative dating does not assign specific years to individual events.

Instead, it seeks to establish which actions occurred where in a sequence of geologic events.

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Faunal succession can be used to chronologically put a group of animals and plants together and give greater detail to the history of the Earth.

It is used to help identify what ancient environments looked like, when certain kinds of animals lived, and what changes have happened in a given environment over many years.The foreign object is thus older than the sedimentary rock because it was there before the sediment that formed the rock.A simple way to remember this term is to think that an inclusion represents something being included in the rock that wouldn’t have been otherwise.Below, we will discuss some major types of fossils and why they are relevant to relative dating.Index fossils are those that are used to define geologic time.

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