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In short, Brown made no attempt to broaden the program's appeal beyond the generation that had been raised on radio.

As with Himan Brown's prior Inner Sanctum Mysteries, each episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theater opened and closed with the ominous sound of a creaking crypt door, accompanied by Marshall's disturbing utterance, "Come in! Each episode was allotted a full hour of airtime, but after commercials and news, episodes typically ran for about 45 minutes. The program was pitched, at least initially, to an audience old enough to remember classic radio; Brown was a legend amongst radio drama enthusiasts for his work on Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Adventures of Nero Wolfe and other shows dating back to the 1930s.Other background tracks from the Twilight Zone music library, to which CBS owned full rights, were featured repeatedly in episodes of CBSRMT.The theme song and the other music was also previously used in the 1950s and 1960s in other CBS-owned radio and television dramas (Perry Mason; Rawhide; The Fugitive; Gunsmoke; Have Gun Will Travel; Suspense; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; etc.), in addition to Twilight Zone, as it was all owned by CBS.Fully indexed, the 475-page book was authored by Gordon Payton and Martin Grams, Jr.It was published in both hardcover and trade paperback.

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The series also introduced a new generation of listeners to many of the great old time radio voices, including such distinctive performers as Joan Banks, Jackson Beck, Virginia Gregg, Victor Jory, Roberta Maxwell, Marvin Miller, Santos Ortega, William Redfield, Alan Reed, Rosemary Rice, Anne Seymour, Les Tremayne, Lurene Tuttle and Janet Waldo. From June 3 to November 27, 1998, CBSRMT was rebroadcast over CBS affiliates and, in 2000, on some NPR stations, in both cases with Himan Brown replacing the narration portions of E. Some programs were taped with news and commercials embedded, providing an insight into the period when the show first aired.

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