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Oriental Art Magazine, summer issue 1997 containing two articles about the Xuande shipwreck and its controversial ceramic cargo. It provides the background for his discovery of ten historical shipwrecks and their excavation.

A lifetime’s experience with sailing and naval architecture allows Sjostrand to bring new understanding to ancient ship construction and allows him to set the ships and their ceramic cargoes in historical perspective.

AFTER MORE THAN 30 years being pitifully thankful whenever any report at all appeared, and being quietly disappointed by one incomplete report after another, I am ecstatic that this new volume sets a welcome high standard.

The guide is also available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian and can be downloaded and printed out.Location Specific Help Organizations across the world work hard to help victims of domestic violence victims whether it be by providing them with basic information or helping them move on with their lives.Below is a list of help lines & organizations that you might find useful.The wreck was originally given the site name Wanli by Sten Sjostrand because the jar that led to the search was similar to one on the San Diego (1600) wreck from the Wanli (1573-1619) reign.Analysis of the recovered cargo however led to ‘about 1625’ as a more likely date for the wreck.

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After finding, excavating or investigating seven ancient shipwrecks, the company assisted the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur to establish an exhibition showcasing artefacts from the shipwrecks.

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