Alexa nikolas dating vanessa hudgens

“The freedom and strength of the mind – we don’t give it enough credit,” Hudgens said.“It’s just amazing that when you are put in dire, compromising situations, you really can find your own positives, find your own freedom and make your destiny.” Read more.She was sent away to an all girls boarding school because she was so boy crazy, she was diagnosed with Obsessive Male Gender Disorder (OMGD).Turns out, the real reason Alexa left the show was because of the "hostile work environment" created between her and Jaime Lynn Spears Watson's feuding.

And if you didn't already know, Christopher is Kyle Massey's older brother, from Cory in the House (aka the little brother on That's So Raven).

The most recent news featuring Christopher was that he and his brother had some sort of altercation in November 2014, between Justin Bieber's Friend, Lil Twist.

Alexa was hands down my favorite character from Zoey 101.

Alexa married Mike Milosh, a Canadian electronic musician in 2012 and has appeared in various small roles on big shows like ER, CSI: Miami, Family Guy, The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Erin Sanders played Quinn, the highly intelligent kid whose inventions caused quite a commotion at PCA.

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